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26. September - 1. October 2010 Berlin/Germany



minutes (4,6 mb)

press release (233 kb)

Declaration of Berlin / English (225 kb)

Declaration Berlin / German (233 kb)

Declaration of Berlin / Dutch (235 kb)

report by the secretary general (5 mb)

report by the liaison officer (184 kb)

speech of the president (57 kb)

word of welcome by LtGen Weiler (106 kb)

presentation: The German Armed Forces (2 mb)

report Military Chaplaincy Germany by Fr. Schilk (115 kb)

presentation by Mgr. Freistetter / Presentation of the AMI Declaration Berlin 2010 - The Christian Soldier in the Service of Just Peace (688 kb)

lecture by Prof. Dr. Justenhoven / The Christian Soldier in the 21st century – What does society expect? (82 kb)

lecture by Gen. Lather / Government, Society, Church and Christian Soldiers - reciprocal expectations and demands ... The Soldiers Perspective (94 kb)

lecture by Mgr. Punt (74 kb)

lecture by State Secretary Schmidt (78 kb)

Sermon on the Occasion / The Christian Soldier in the 3rd Millenium (37 kb)