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6.-11. September 2015 Santiago de Compostela/Spain




Invitation AMI Conference Santiago 2015 (230 kb)

Program AMI Conference Santiago 2015 (585 kb)

Invitation Archbishop of Madrid (840 kb)

Final Results of the AMI Conference 2015 (131 kb)

Press Release with the results of the Conference 2015 (130 kb)

Notes Report of the Secretary General (535 kb)

Report of the Secretary General (3,8 mb)

Report of the President (462 kb)

Presentation of the President (1,8 mb)

AMI Conference Opening Adress by the President (551 kb)

AMI Conference Closing Adress by the President (324 kb)

Lecture A by Admiral Teodoro E. Lopez (4,5 mb)

Lecture B by LtCol Christoph Auer (1,1 mb)

Lecure B Presentation (1,3 mb)

Lecture C by Prof.Dr. Marcel Poorthuis (763 kb)

Lecture C Presentation (3,2 mb)

Lecture D by Francesco Javier Buide del Real (903 kb)

Lecture E by Admiral Javier Pery Paredes (288 kb)

Lecture F by Jose Luis Sánchez Nogales (308 kb)

Jubilee Lecture by GenMaj (ret) Norbert Sinn (128 kb)

Summary Annual Conference 2015 Slovakia (48 kb)

Greetings Gen E. Konig (197 kb)

Summary Day 1 General Assembly (195 kb)

Booklet Liturgy (3 mb)

Cultural Guide and Program (1,5 mb)

Greetings Gen Miguel A. Baquer (679 kb)

Homily Archbishop Rio Martin (80 kb)

Special Prayer to the Apostle Santiago (142 kb)

Prayer to Santiago - Spanish (136 kb)

Working Groups (105 kb)