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Here is the place where you can find various graphic objects to tune your official documents

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Logo (tiff) -
RGB 5x5cm 250 dpi
AMI Logo Download big Logo (tiff) -
RGB 2,5x2,5cm 250 dpi
AMI Logo Download small
Banner AMI (tiff) -
RGB 21x2,5cm 250 dpi
Banner AMI Download

Banner Strengthening (tiff) -
RGB 21x1,5cm 250 dpi

Banner Strenghtening Download
Logo (jpeg) -
RGB 300x300px 72 dpi
AMI Logo big web Logo (jpeg) -
RGB 100x100px 72 dpi
AMI Logo small web
Banner AMI (jpeg) -
RGB 300x35px 72 dpi
Banner AMi web
Banner Strengthening (jpeg) -
RGB 300x21px 72 dpi
Banner Strenghening web